Case Study

Modernize a legacy application with a web based dashboard and workflow

CSS RegTech is a global technology platform providing professionals with financial regulatory compliance solutions


CSS RegTech needed a rapid solution for web-based workflows and reporting in order to meet the demands of a major client. They urgently needed a client facing design team that could drive product growth.


We reviewed the existing applications for shared elements and built those into a shared library. This allowed multiple teams to have a single access point. Each team was trained to use the library through starter pages we built. This translated into a unified approach where best practices and code standards were introduced across disparate groups.

Design for flexibility

Build for security


A dramatically reduced project timeline as teams could simultaneously undertake application revisions at the same time.



React JS Framework Setup with Custom Components



Development of each page using Components

"Crizit came up with a solution that let us work smarter by building a library

This meant that our teams could work in tandem as opposed to sequentially which rapidly reduced our development timelines. We could not have asked for a more thorough yet nimble solution."

- Deepak

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