Case Study

Design and prototype a data aggregation analysis tool

AIM Software is an Enterprise Data Management software provider focusing on buy side asset management firms


AIM needed to build a tool that would aggregate Enterprise Market data in order to help their clients optimize their data purchases. In order to do this they wanted a complete redesign of their data portal and cost analysis interfaces.


In order to provide them with an intuitive UX interface, we analyzed their business problem which was to build a solution that could break down the a la carte data purchase costs. By using historical data in prototypes, we produced a set of report designs to present analysis findings to the financial institutions.

Analyze for metrics

Design for flexibility


An optimized cost analysis tool and redesigned UX interfaces tailored to fit the needs of their clients largely reducing redundant spending on Enterprise Market data.

"Crizit was able to deliver exactly what we needed:

an in depth analysis of the business problem which paved the way for the UX upgrades we badly needed. Their comprehensive understanding of FinTech ensured we were able to deliver highly intuitive interfaces for our clients."

- Josef

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