On-Premise Behaviour Analytics

Time Machine is our set of tracking tools empowering you to own and analyze your user behavior data.

Session Replay

Record and review what your user saw

Instant Alerts

Trigger notifications and respond to issues

Events Tracking

Transcribe and search application instances

Error Logging

Capture and trace what went wrong

Go Back in Time to
See for Yourself

Product Managers

Review and analyze
how your users behave.

Identify user friction and bottlenecks to improve application efficiency.

Customer Support Specialists

Never say
“I can’t replicate your issue”

Empower your team to resolve user issues quickly with session specific error logs.

Data Scientists

Seamless access
to structured session data.

Feed your data directly into machine learning platforms via API and webhooks.





Compliance Officers

Built for high security
and regulatory compliance

Your data is always encrypted and remains on-site giving you instant access to complete audit records.




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