Software design& development

Custom prototyping, design, and data
management solutions

Featured Client Cases

Contitnious agile front end
development and monitoring.
HIPAA Compliant tablet app development with
reporting, alerts and SSO.
Rapid design and build to drive
product growth.

Finance focused user
experience experts

We are experts at building finance focused interface flows for trade settlements, fund reporting and regulatory reporting. Our domain driven design experience will ensure that your projects are user friendly and easy to navigate.

Custom Software Development

We write bulletproof code. Every application is penetration tested to OWASP standards and organized in a standard development framework.

Visualize complex and interactive data

Advanced Reporting

Crizit specializes in building interactive dashboards so you can easily visualize your data and generate clear reports.

Graphing Libraries

Our custom graphing libraries allow you to build unique interfaces for industry-specific data sets.

Rapid prototyping
& development

Our teams and methodolgy are designed to deliver fast time-to market

Local Engineering Team

All projects are led by developers with direct client communication and access. Projects are accelerated by our Crizit Design System and custom component Library.

Eight-Week Cycles

Projects are sub-divided to deliver functionality early for user testing and feedback. Design and testing support is rotated in on-demand based on cycle progress.

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